Gold Medal Mothering

by Lesley on September 30, 2013 · 9 comments

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When you’re at home with young children, no one usually acknowledges a job well done. There isn’t a boss offering a pay raise, or a client singing praises because my “clients” are my kids. And kids don’t typically say, “Mom, you really nailed it today.”

I’m convinced it’s important for moms to recognize and celebrate our successes, because if we don’t then who will?

I have a silly little game I play with myself sometimes. Here’s how it works: whenever I pull off an incredibly difficult parenting task, I imagine someone putting a gold medal around my neck. Silly? Maybe. But, it works!

Gold medal performances do not mean everything has gone according the plan. In fact, it’s usually quite the opposite. A gold medal performance often happens when all hell is breaking lose but mama still acts with courage, creativity and quick thinking. 

Here are some examples of gold medal performances:

I took BOTH kids to the pediatrician last week but once we sat down in the waiting room I realized I was going to be sick. During Owen’s appointment I had to excuse myself to use the restroom TWICE. Picture me running to the bathroom with Anna chasing me and a naked Owen in my arms. Actually, I take that back. Don’t picture me in the bathroom. God medal performance, people.

When driving to Modesto last week we hit traffic which woke Owen up from his nap. He started crying… HARD. Then, because he had a cold, it became difficult for him to catch his breath. I started to think he may not be breathing. I pulled over on the side of the freeway next to the prison workers picking up trash so that I could console my baby. After getting back on the road he started crying again. Eventually I pulled over at Sonic Drive-In and decide he’d be safer in the front seat where I could see him and calm him. He rode the rest of the way to Modesto, and all the way home to Sacramento, in our front passenger seat. I held a pacifier in his mouth for most of that time. Gold medal, people.

So moms, I want to hear about a gold medal moment you’ve had recently. Tell me that story about the terrible supermarket tantrum  or that time your toddler pooped in the community swimming pool but you handled it with grace and humor.  Tell me the stories that make you feel like supermom…because you ARE! 

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