Two pink blooms

by Lesley on August 19, 2013 · 4 comments

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There’s a long patch of ugly overgrown ivy in our backyard that I hate. We have very tentative plans to rip out the eyesore of greenery someday, but until then we basically let it grow wild save for a few trims with a weed wacker each season.

The first summer in our house, right about the time we brought Anna home from the hospital, a tall pink flower emerged in the middle of that ivy. I remember smiling when I first noticed the bloom. Of course I realize how perennial flowers work but the timing of its growth, and the fact there was only one, seemed like a holy display of God’s presence in our lives and over our home. My suspicions were confirmed a year later when the lone plant emerged again in mid-July, as if to say “Happy Birthday little one.” 

This year, this July, we welcomed another sweet soul. Amidst the chaos of tending to Owen and Anna, I haven’t spent much time in the yard. (And to be fully honest, I never spend much time in the yard unless it’s to play with Anna. Jonathan and I are terrible gardeners and should really hire someone to care for our weed patch.)

Because of our lack of attention to the yard I probably don’t need to describe the depths of my surprise when, on an ordinary Wednesday in late July, I looked out the window and saw that Anna’s pink flower had grown again. And this time it was joined by a smaller friend. An Owen flower.


It’s been hard for me to connect with God this summer. My body is sleep deprived and my mind is constantly spinning as I try to make the best use out of my awake hours. It feels difficult to pray, difficult to write, difficult to even grab a shower. And yet even though I’m doing little to seek God’s presence, He provides little ways of saying, “I’m HERE.”

I’m HERE in your house.

I’m HERE in your children’s lives.

I’m HERE in the late nights and early mornings.

I SEE how tired you are.

I KNOW you don’t give yourself enough grace.

I WANT to carry your burdens.

And so He gives me these flowers, and even when it feels like I’m not caring for them perfectly He still grows them up amidst the weeds to become tall and beautiful.

I feel so grateful to watch the miracle happen.

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Andrea Zundel
Andrea Zundel

So very true, sweet Lesley.  Amidst the weeds He makes beauty!  And even when we may not feel "here", He always is.


So beautiful, Lesley. Two flowers in the garden, two in the home.

Bronwyn Lea
Bronwyn Lea

My clever friend Tanya tells me they call these "surprise" lilies: bulbs that bloom so long after other bulbs that we have all but forgotten we had bulbs in the ground... But next thing - SURPRISE!!!! There they are. I love the tender mercies of our God in giving you a surprised-by-joy bloom in your yard, an Anna flower AND an Owen flower. SURPRISE. "father like he tends and spares us, well our feeble frame he knows..." love to you in these harried days, my friend.


This post about made me cry.... "An Owen flower,".... how special is that! You sure do have a way with words.  Thanks for writing this Lesley.