Behind the Scenes: Daddies and Daughters

by Lesley on August 6, 2013 · 4 comments

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Pictures often tell a story without using words. The very best photographers are those who, with a single image, convey more than a news story or book ever could.

Last Friday night we saw our friends from Ashland. Brett, Andrea and their little gal Scout were driving through Sacramento on the way to visit family in Southern California. The last time they were here our life looked a lot different. To start, the girls were just a few months old (Eden, Anna and Scout were all born within 6 weeks of each other). But while the above photo seems to capture a very special moment between young men sharing the early months of fatherhood, it does not tell the anguish we were feeling. Jonathan was told he had cancer just a few days before this photo was taken.

That weekend after his cancer diagnosis we tried to distract ourselves with parties and friends and food, but my mind constantly drifted to the “what ifs?” I remember sneaking off to the mall with Andrea and Sharon but not enjoying myself in the slightest. They seemed so carefree and happy. I felt weighed down by a loss of innocence– life wasn’t as easy as it always had been.

A lot has happened since Andrea and Brett last visited. Our family has experienced deep sorrow and great joy in the last 2 years. So have our friends. As we walked to the park on Friday night I couldn’t help but notice how much we’ve all grown up. We’ve been forced to look at life differently because of hardships, and forced to cling to our God in ways we hadn’t before.

On Friday night we ate a pizza picnic, chased toddlers and prayed with each other under a low sun and a cool breeze. And then we took this picture…

dads and daughters

Sometimes a photo tells a story, and sometimes it needs words. Thanks for reading mine. 

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So nice to see the second photo which speaks volumes.


Oh my word - LOVE the two pictures. What a sweet opportunity. So sorry for your heartache, so glad you can cling to God in the midst of it.


I'm sending prayers your way. Blessings on Jonathan and his family, and strength for those that love them. Hugs to you, sweet lady.


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