The In-Between

by Lesley on July 9, 2013 · 4 comments

in motherhood

I’m living in-between.

In-between one child and two, when the to-dos are checked off and the house is clean and the fridge is stocked.

In-between life as we know it and life as a family of four.

In-between restless and painful sleep, and the interrupted kind that will soon follow.

In this between time, everyone picks up their cell phones on the first ring, and they say, “When will it be?” and “Tomorrow would be nice,” and “We simply can’t wait.”

Yes, yes. I know. Trust me, I know.

The in-between days have a certain rhythm to them. Orange juice for breakfast; ice cream for dessert. Visits to the pool. Long neighborhood walks. Afternoon naps. Big pitchers of raspberry leaf iced tea. Foot rubs.

We’re keeping our cell phones charged and the laundry washed. I keep discussing the need to wash both cars, but Jonathan says the in-between is making me crazy and the answer is no.

So for those of you who are curious if the baby has come, or if he’s on his way, or if I have any motherly intuition about his arrival or his size…the answer is also no.

We’re taking things day-by-day.

For now, we’re in-between.

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Lesley, if in these in-between days you need a backyard pool to cool you and the kids off in, give us a call! (Bronwyn and another friend with young ones were just over for a few hours pool time last week,)

LesleyM moderator

@tim_fall Thanks, Tim! You are very sweet for the offer. I may need to coordinate a pool playdate time with Bronwyn so that we can meet! 

Bronwyn Lea
Bronwyn Lea

Was this your FMF prompt? Just curious :-)

All the best with the waiting. The days just take for-eh-eh-eh-ver, and yet there is a sweetness to the time too, somehow. I managed to be pregnant for almost a full 42 weeks with my 3rd, and when he was born at nearly 11lbs I remember thinking: I waited all those extra days just for you to get CHUBBY??? :-) looking forward to meeting you in the weeks to come.

LesleyM moderator

@Bronwyn Lea Oh boy- 11 pounds! I'm convinced this guy is going to be that big too! :)