A Mother’s Prayer for Her Baby Boy

by Lesley on May 20, 2013 · 2 comments

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The following post is inspired by Tina Fey’s poem, A Mother’s Prayer for Her Child. I created a similar prayer for Anna which can be found here

First, Lord, give him patience for his older sister who may take some time to get used to his presence, and will possibly try to push him around in her Target baby doll stroller. As long as there are no major injuries in his first weeks of life, I will call the transition a success.

May he be confident but not cocky, and handsome but not a heartbreaker.

And if when he decides to cut his sister’s hair or rip the arms off her Barbies, I pray you’ll help the entire family to give him a dose of grace. Please also provide us with an incredible hairstylist.

When someday he tells me “I HATE YOU” and then attempts to run away, God, please protect my mama’s heart from taking him too seriously. (Unless, of course, he does run away…in which case…let it just be to a friend’s house where I can pick him up the next morning.)

Oh, Lord! May all smart phones, internet porn, and tobacco shops be extinct by the time he turns 10.

May he raise snakes and salamanders and go to bed dirty sometimes because that’s exactly what little boys should do. And give me an extra dose of patience and plenty of wet wipes to put up with the germs and mess.

Protect him when playing with bb guns, jumping off couches, using a mall bathroom alone for the first time, engaging in hot dog eating contests, test driving motorcycles, experimenting with alcohol, and going skiing with his dad.

If he survives all of these things God, bring him a woman who can put up with farting in bed, occasional whiskey drinking, and Sundays spent on the couch watching football.

And should he grow up and decide to become a father, please make him like his Daddy—brave and hard working and sensitive. I trust that when he looks into his own baby’s eyes for the first time he’ll understand your love and grace in a way he never has before. Please let me be around to see that moment.


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Well crap, Lesley. I was good until that last paragraph. I may be having "allergies" right now in this coffee shop.