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by Lesley on April 19, 2013 · 1 comment

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First things first. I’m over at Modern Mrs. Darcy today talking about friendship as an investment requiring work. I hope you’ll hop over there and read my post. Make sure you take a peak at some of Anne’s posts too because she’s fantastic.

Just for fun, a peak at all the little boy clothes I’m dreaming about. To be completely real, he’s already received some great hand-me-downs and thrift store items, so most of what I’ve pinned will never actually be found in his closet. But, come on! Converse shark shoes? They might be cuter than sparkly pink TOMs!

If you haven’t yet seen this video then you’re not on Facebook because it seems everyone has shared it this week. Produced by Dove, it will make you reconsider how you view beauty. (Only 3 minutes long!)

15 Things You Should Do When Someone You Love Has Cancer – a GREAT resource!

“Just keep jiggling the door knobs. Don’t force your way trying to push through the doors, but trust God will open the right doors. Your job is to keep jiggling to see which doors are open,” from Doorknobs and Unexpected Opportunities.

There are 12 types of social media users. Which one are you?  (I think I’m a little bit Ultra, a little bit Informer.)

If you’re a writer, definitely check out Margaret Feinberg’s Writer’s Boot Camp. Her weeklong series is full of truth, wisdom and humor.

“Sustainable faith comes from having a coherent worldview, mentoring relationships and community. As I think about motherhood as a vocation from this lens, I can see where all three are essential for women—young or old—to find peace and sustainability in what is arguably a rather chaotic enterprise.” (Moms–you’ve got to read this article–Motherhood as Vocation.)

I’m trying to be more disciplined about studying my bible–because when I do I love people better, and love Jesus more. Right now I’m going through 1 Timothy, and I just hit the whole modesty section. Interestingly enough, it has me thinking about vanity more than modesty. I thought this commentary was really helpful.

I’ve thought about the Boston Marathon explosions a LOT this week. I’m sure you have too. This article hurt my heart. “Road races are our grand unifying sporting events. As athletes, we won’t get anywhere near the World Series or Augusta, but all it takes to join in the grand community of runners is a desire to get up off the couch. And that’s what we need to do now. Get up off the couch. Go for a run. Or a stroll. Or a walk. Whatever. Think about the people in Boston who pushed themselves to the limit, or cheered on those who did, only to have a coward strike.” And this article made me proud to be a spectator.

By the time you read this, we’ll be chowing on beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. I can’t wait to tell you more about our trip when I’m back next week. Have a great weekend!

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Lesley, I am overcome with beignet envy. Overcome, mind you.