Comfy shoes, letters to the church and rules for dinner

by Lesley on March 29, 2013 · 1 comment

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Some things I’m loving lately from all over the web…


I splurged on a new pair of comfy walking shoes for our trip to New Orleans in April. Usually I buy cheap (uncomfortable) shoes because my feet are so big that it’s easier to find shoes at Target or Payless. BUT, my pregnant feet could use some help staying happy this summer, so Dr. Scholl’s it is.

Speaking of New Orleans…has anyone been before? We already booked a B&B, and my friend Dana gave me a long list of restaurants we must try, but I’d love to hear other recommendations.

I always like learning about how to best read and understand the bible. Here’s a great post by Margaret Feinberg…Dear Church: How Letters to the Early Church Still Ring True Today

I made these chocolate-peanut butter energy bars yesterday. They took less than 15 minutes TOTAL to put together, with little clean-up involved. I think they may become a replacement for the boxes of granola bar/snacks we purchase weekly. Easy, yummy, gluten free, no fake sugar. (Note: recipe made nine. I substituted dried cranberries for raisins, and I used a mix of honey/agave rather than maple syrup because we’re out!)

Victoria’s Secret is unveiling a line for teen girls, and I’m disgusted. #NotBuyingIt: Victoria Secret’s “Bright Young Things” And “Thigh Gap”

Did you hear there’s this big thing going on right now with gay marriage? (Sarcasm: how could you miss what’s going on?!) An interesting commentary on Huff Post: Evangelicals Face Growing Tension Between Political and Personal Views of Marriage.

Have you ever wished you could live closer to your girlfriends? At times we’ve dreamed about living on the same cul-de-sac as all our friends, letting kids run between houses, sharing dinners and a boat for the river, and basically having a commune. Sounds fun, right? Wish we were neighbors.

And for those who like to cook and bake, 100 Rules of Dinner.


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Thanks for the links. Those 100 cooking rules were short and nicely to the point; completely agree with #28, couldn't disagree more with #62 (what does Julia Child know?). I loved that epistles article too.