Chasing away the January blues

by Lesley on January 28, 2013 · 4 comments

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January is NOT my favorite month. When I’m on walks with Anna I have to remind myself what the neighborhood looks like in the spring, summer and fall months because in the winter I start to question why we ever chose to live here. Everything is so gray, cold, wet and dead.

This might all sound extra lame coming from a California girl. I realize our 40 degree days are considered WARM in many other places of the world, but my beach girl heart simply hasn’t adapted to Northern California January weather.

Everyone has different ways they cope with lower temperatures and rain, and we’ve been trying out an assortment of options. I still get outside daily, even if it’s just 30 minutes at the park, 15 minutes in the backyard, or a fast paced walk to get my heart moving. We’ve also been hitting up indoor play structures too, just to burn energy and have a change of scenery. (Thanks, Chick-fil-a! I love your hash browns! Really hope my kid doesn’t pick up the flu from your slides!)

Something else I’ve been doing is treating myself to a Friday morning Starbucks or visit to Cafe Lumiere near our house. When I used to work in an office I’d only let myself get a hot drink on Fridays, to reward myself for a week well done. In an office, everyone is a little bit happier on Fridays as they anticipate the weekend. Since I don’t have any co-workers, and I don’t really get a typical weekend break anymore either, getting a little treat for myself helps the day feel special and fun. The only problem is Anna has started to catch on to my habit and wants me to share my petite vanilla scones. And I don’t like sharing.

Speaking of weekends, with a kiddo needing so much of our attention, Saturdays can also feel a little less exciting (and relaxing) as they used to. We’re starting to realize we need a family activity each weekend otherwise we all go stir crazy together reading the same board books over and over. Last Monday Jonathan had a holiday so we went downtown for a walk, checked out the MLK festivities, and got lunch at Muntean’s. (Best soup selection in Sacramento!) I couldn’t believe what a difference our outing made in my overall mood.

For more on this topic, check-out Anne’s post on Coming to Terms With Winter for other great ideas on tackling the blues.

I’m curious if other people struggle with January blues, and if so, what do you do to help the month go by a little faster? And for those with little kids, what are your favorite weekend activities to keep everyone sane and happy? 

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Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy
Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

It's nice to know that Californians struggle with winter, too. Maybe not nice for you, but it'll keep me from feeling too sorry for myself out here in the midwest :) Your strategies sound great, especially the Friday Starbucks or lunch :)


So funny that you posted this, because earlier today I was just thinking about doing a "weather-related" post myself...except in our case, the struggle has been how WARM it is now that we've transitioned from the Northeast back to Texas. Since I grew up with the balmy, 70 degree winter days like we had today, I don't mind it much, but it's a different story for my husband, who has really missed the rhythm of the seasons and struggles with winter days that feel like spring.


How can I dislike January? That said, I know what you mean about how gray it gets. Then again, we do get some awesome winter sunrises and sunsets! Cheers, Tim

Claire Baganz Bone
Claire Baganz Bone

Yes, Ma'am!! I was going to call you to see when you walk. I am not a good solitary walker - too slow, lol - so I'm always on the lookout for someone to walk with. Also, I am now watching a 12 month old Monday-Friday. I'm a rookie again at this! I forgot how much work little ones are!