What my football loving husband taught me about writing

by Lesley on January 17, 2013 · 3 comments

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A couple weeks ago I was out late, and when I got home the kitchen was still a mess. Jonathan had promised he would clean up but it wasn’t done. For maybe the very first time in our marriage I was too tired to remind him of the promise or clean everything up myself. (Yes, I just publicly admitted that I can be a nag.)

And then, at midnight, without me saying a thing, he cleaned the entire kitchen until it was sparkly clean. And yes, he knows how to clean a kitchen because he’s done it many, many times but usually it’s because I’ve been whining about it.

When he crawled into bed, I said, “So, after seven years of marriage I’m rubbing off on you, huh? You couldn’t go to bed without the kitchen being clean?” He simply shook his head at me and smirked.

Jonathan rubs off on me too, in lots of good ways. Last night he had a training run and I had a haircut so the Melvin’s watched Anna. When both of us were done with our respective commitments we met up at Mel’s Diner because he was starving for dinner and I wanted dessert. It was there he filled me in on the latest news with the Manti Te’o hoax. We had a great discussion about the whole thing which prompted me to stay up late and write a quick article for Her.meneutics which you can read by clicking here.

Being a stay-at-home mom and a writer is hard to juggle sometimes especially when I want to write anything related to breaking news. As Jonathan fell asleep last night, and I began to pen the article by the glow of my laptop, he said, “Don’t over complicate it, Lesley.” I don’t think he’s ever given me writing advice, period, and yet the short words he offered allowed me to get something done and submitted by 1:30am.

Thank you, sweet husband, for teaching me to like football (kind of) and for always supporting my writing.

I hope you’ll all hop over to CT’s Her.meneutics and weigh-in on this interesting hoax.

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Claire Baganz Bone
Claire Baganz Bone

The Millers inspire me. True story (and I have only met 2/3 of them).


I didn't get a haircut last night, but I need one (I feel the need to start like that based on the comment above). As someone in a long-distance relationship, I'd like to say it is total crap to be duped into believing a story so tragic. How have you never met? Spoke with her family after she died? Attended her funeral?? I'm sorry, but the entire story is so ridiculous that I am already annoyed by his future book deal. p.s. I want to punch Lance Armstrong in the face, despite all he has done for cancer research.


You got a haircut last night? What a coincidence. So did I. So did my wife, for that matter. Let's keep those hair places in business!