10 Foods for 2013

by Lesley on January 8, 2013 · 2 comments

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mini german pancakes

You’ve probably gathered that I love what everything a New Year holds. So much promise. So much opportunity. So. much. good. food. to. come.

Here are 10 foods I can’t wait to try in 2013

Breakfast used to be my least favorite meal, but now I love it. There is never, ever a day I skip breakfast. Ever. I think it’s the key to keeping my metabolism happy and healthy. Usually I eat oatmeal, a healthy cereal, a smoothie, and/or toast. For weekends, I’d like to try these Mini German Pancakes (so pretty!). For a healthier weekend option, this Strawberry Banana Breakfast Bake looks delish.

When I was a kid my mom had a bread machine. Remember those? They were awesome. This year, I want to learn how to make my own white bread. I might start with this sourdough experiment challenge.

I’m reading through Rachel Held Evan’s book A Year of Biblical Womanhood, and from it I’d like to attempt Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon.

I’ve been experiencing China homesickness recently. The food there is incredible, especially their eggplant! This spicy eggplant with pork is added to my list.

Last summer in Hawaii, Allison made Mexican Roasted Corn. As soon as the weather gets warmer, these puppies are getting made. I might also have to get lights up all over our back patio. They are, believe me, the perfect summer food.

Speaking of Hawaii, poke is one of our favorite appetizers when we’re on the Big Island. As soon as I’m not pregnant, this poke is getting MADE like it ain’t nobody’s business.

Maybe Anna’s birthday or baby’s arrival will force me to try these Sugar Cookie Squares. Don’t they look so pretty?

I’ve been meaning to try a recipe from Dinner: A Love Story. Why not go with classic chicken of the year? We sure eat a lot of it around here so this dish could become a staple.

You can bet that once Shauna Niequist’s new book Bread & Wine debuts this spring I may have another 10 to add to my list. 

photo credit of Mini German Pancakes, credit to Real Mom Kitchen

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My wife has made beer bread for years but our son found a new recipe for it and he's been baking it occasionally for us. It's fun seeing how different beers affect the taste. Most recently he used an apricot ale. Yummy yum yums!


Lesley......if you want, I am sure my husband would be happy to give you some of his sourdough starter. and I like your food goals! when isn't eating good food a great idea??