Collecting Stones

by Lesley on December 6, 2012 · 2 comments

in christianity

The skies have been gray for days now, and KCRA 3 meteorologists keep saying the storm is supposed to arrive any minute. I suppose they’re right. The wind is becoming stronger and stronger—kicking up newly dropped leaves into a whirlwind of fury. Our backyard squirrels, usually playful and active at this time of day, are nowhere to be seen. Everyone has braced for the storm. I am doing so in more ways than one.

God is asking my family to trust Him again, and despite a lot of practice doing so, I still find myself struggling to surrender. Sunny seasons are so much easier than stormy seasons.

Head on over to Tim’s blog to read the rest of this story…

P.S. Don’t anyone get alarmed- Jonathan’s health is fine as far as we know. We’re just trusting on some little things that I’m not ready to go into right now. 😉 

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i can't wait to read your book one day.


You know this is my favorite...... Love you!