Behind the scenes: when God rescues us and we don’t even know it.

by Lesley on November 28, 2012 · 2 comments

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Earlier this week I mentioned how we spent a very long time in the car over Thanksgiving. Sunday, in particular, tested our patience. What I didn’t say is that we are very thankful for a divine stop off Highway 99 at Bravo Farms. I’d just woke up from a cat nap when we started seeing frequent billboards for the stop. We had one of those should we stop, or should we keep going? moments that ended in us peeling off the freeway in search of snacks.

Bravo Farms was a great pit stop, maybe one of the best I’ve ever been to off a highway, with a petting zoo for kids, an awesome treehouse, a cafe, bar, ice cream parlor and collectibles store. But, we also felt God protected us by stopping there. About 5-7 minutes after we arrived a siren wailed by on the highway, and then a medical chopper flew over head. We thought nothing of it until we were leaving and another patron told us a big accident had occurred just 2-3 miles up the highway we’d been traveling on. “That could have easily been us,” we thought.

When bad things take place–whether disease, finances, accidents–it’s easy to say, “God, how could you let this happen?!” Our pit stop yesterday reminded me how God often protects and blesses us but I might not even notice. I often wonder how many times in my life God has worked silently and effectively, helping make decisions that will greatly impact my life for the better. I hope when I go to heaven someday I’ll get to see a “behind the scenes of your life” movie where God reveals all the ways He worked when I didn’t even realize.

Have you ever had a moment when you believed God protected you or a loved one from something terrible happening? Please share!

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When we drove home from San Diego on Saturday we had one of those on I-5 in LA. The accident was so recent that traffic had not even backed up yet and we slowed slightly to get around the five cars crashed in the left lane. A couple of minutes earlier at that point and we might have been among them. We prayed for those folks that night.

Judy Farah
Judy Farah

Lesley - Your post reminded me of one incident. My staff was urging me to go home early. I usually stay at work until 8 or 8:30 pm way after the news show ends at 7 pm. I left work early that day at their urging and remember looking at the kitchen clock showing that I arrived home at 7:14 pm. I found out hours later a mother of three was hit and killed by a drunk driver at 7:15 pm on the same road I just traveled a few blocks away. I missed him by a minute. My heart aches for her husband and sons and wonder why life is random at times.