Traveling solo: thoughts on getting away by myself

by Lesley on October 31, 2012 · 5 comments

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I did a really big thing this past weekend. I went away for two days ALL BY MYSELF. Solo. Alone. Just me.

I know, I know. Some of you (mothers with young children) are super jealous right now, and others of you (extroverts) are thinking that you’d never, ever do such a think even if someone paid you.

It probably helps that I’m an introvert, and I love time alone. (More about introversion later this week…) It also helps that I’ve been dying to make progress on my book, and time away seemed like the perfect solution.

It kind of happened by accident. Jonathan gave me a writing conference as my 30th birthday gift last February, but for a variety of reasons (the  airline cost, and figuring out childcare being the biggest obstacles) it started to seem like it wasn’t going to happen. I also noticed that most writing conferences have agents and publishers on-site to look at writer’s proposals–as in–the proposal I haven’t yet written. It seemed more important that I get my butt in the chair and get down to business.

I booked two nights at the Eden Vale Inn near Placerville. It’s a B&B only an hour from our house which saved me money on travel, and allowed Jonathan to work a full day before I took off on Friday.

The thing that can be hard for me with B&Bs is that I’m not usually into the flowery, Victorian thing, which most of the area B&Bs are. Eden Vale is new and modern but it still had the warm and welcoming service that people love about B&Bs.  It was perfect for a writing retreat because there were a lot of little pathways and a pond to explore, and plenty of big, open fireplace space. I had so many choices of where to sit, so as soon as my mind began to wander too much I could look for a change of scenery. There was always great music playing–Adele, the Beatles, Norah Jones–and when I sat in the sunroom the hum of the dishwasher was the perfect amount of homey white noise to keep me concentrating.

I came home yesterday feeling really productive and refreshed. I don’t know when I’ll go away again by myself- it will likely be awhile-but I have to admit, this is something I hope to do again. If you’ve never gone away before alone, I really encourage you to do so especially if you are a mom to little ones.

Have you ever gone away by yourself before? 

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Laura Bennet
Laura Bennet

Way to go! To you and your husband! So many of us don't do that and we should. I write this as I sit at my best friend's house in Florida. My wonderful husband is home with our kids and letting me enjoy a life experience that's been truly a blessing. I


Jeaaaaalous!!!! I want to go to there.


Your private retreat sounds wonderful, Lesley. We're headed up that way tomorrow to visit our favorite Apple Hill spots.


What a gift! Sounds like you had a great trip. I can't wait to hear more about it.


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