Dear Lance Armstrong

by Lesley on October 11, 2012 · 2 comments

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Dear Lance Armstrong,

I’m sure your having a tough week, with all this news coming out about your doping habits. It must be kind of embarrassing, huh?

I don’t like chastising someone for the choices they make. Certainly I can admit I’ve made many mistakes in my life. We all do. Perhaps you already feel very, very guilty about all this and want to make it right. Unfortunately, making this right is going to be awfully hard because for 7 years, you took a title that belonged to someone else.

The thing is I really like you, which is why all this hurts a little more than when Tiger’s sex addiction became public or Britney chopped off her hair off, or all the other celebrity figure who’ve made human mistakes. I like you because of what you’ve done with your celebrity. You’ve made a difference in the lives of thousands if not millions of cancer patients. The LiveStrong materials we used after Jonathan’s diagnosis, and the grants we applied for, seemed heaven sent. I am so grateful for the work you’ve done as a cancer advocate. 

That being said: you cheated. You cheated really, really, really badly. You didn’t stop with you own cheating, you asked everyone around you to cheat. You asked doctors to help you cheat, and they did. You asked teammates to cheat, and they did. I think the reason I’m so flabbergasted by your cheating is because so many people around you accepted it as normal.

Let me be straight with you: cheating is NOT normal, it’s not right, it’s not acceptable. NEVER. Not in a classroom, not on your taxes, and not on a really expensive bike.

I really appreciate that you have used your story, your looks, your charm and your popularity to impact our cancer-ridden world for good. I just wish you would have rode your bike without the help of drugs. The only people who should be taking performance enhancing drugs are the people you’re working to keep alive.



{Read the NY Times article here: Armstrong Was Central Figure in Doping Ring, Officials Say}

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Laura Bennet
Laura Bennet

Very sad. Thank you for a tactful, kind but straightforward post.


Like you, Lesley, I'm not a fan of calling out stumbling celebrities. But here you have given us a short and helpful take on the true nature of cheating. Armstrong's situation is the springboard but you have taken it to a deeper level. Nicely done. Tim