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by Lesley on October 9, 2012 · 3 comments

in for fun

Katie, over at Making This Home, says the best way to start a conversation is to ask someone, “What’s making you excited these days?”


I mean, think about how often we run into an acquaintance or friend and say, “So, how are things?” Inevitebly, they/we always answer, “Things are good!” or “Oh, we’re fine. Just a little sick and worn down but nothing terrible to report.” Or “Nothing new, how about you?” (As if that’s ever the truth, right?)

Sometimes, the “How are you” question just seems forced, or common, or not genuine, or habitual so we answer them like robots.

I’m going to start asking people what’s making them excited these days, and see what responses I get.

I’ll start first.

I’m excited to start wearing my beat up, long sleeve, moisture wicking Nike running shirt again because mornings are cooling down. I’m excited Jonathan brought home a few bottles of wine last week, and that I get to enjoy a glass next to a flickering candle. I’m excited every time Anna makes it to the bottom of the slide, and we clap our hands and smile together. I’m excited about a visit to the pumpkin patch and making crock pot applesauce, and spending an entire long afternoon by myself this coming Thursday. I’m excited to landscape our front yard planters this weekend, and to babysit Everett, and to meet baby Noah. I’m excited for my sister on her big world travels, and for my new gold sneakers and that Christmas is just around the corner. I’m excited to meet Alysun (one of Jonathan’s many cousins) at his family reunion next month because I feel like I practically know her from so many years reading her blog. And, I’m really excited that Trader Joe’s has restored our family to eating ice cream again because their dairy free coconut milk chocolate flavor is LEGIT.

Your turn! Go! 

[also: please note: the above sneakers are not the actual gold sneakers I own. But aren’t they awesome?]

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Thanks Lesley. Extreme like for your writings. What a great idea. Such a spark. I'm excited about getting away for a few nights with my husband/best friend! That makes me over the moon about grandparent babysitters. And sipping coffee is so much better with a crisp morning chill. And pine trees. I'm excited to sit and listen to the needles blow in the wind at our small group retreat this weekend and just breathe. Thanks for the afternoon inspiration to stop and be thankful.


Does being excited about finally starting my own blog last month count? 'Cause I am. Excited about it, that is. I love how you're writing about getting people you know talking about what's important. Did you see that Laura over at her Enough Light blog just wrote about how to get strangers to start talking ( How weird that I read both her article and yours so closely together. It's like someone is telling me to get ready to see a bunch of old friends and new people at the same time. And it turns out that's exactly what I'll be doing when I go to the annual meeting for the California Judges Association this week. Starting Thursday it will be 4 solid days of meetings and classes (giving and taking) with folks I've known for years and folks I've never met before. I guess that's another thing I'm excited about Lesley. Tim


love the shoes :) i have been frustrated lately that "oh, it's monday..." has become a popular answer to "how are you?" like, why does the day of the week matter to your mood? maybe we need to redesign our lives to be more joyful if that's how we feel. ANYWAY. i am excited because, although it hasn't been announced publicly yet, i i got a new job! and i will be working 4 days a week (instead of my current 5), meaning another day at home with my baby! and when i do go to work, there is an onsite day care so Rooney will be just down the hall :) it's kind of a dream come true.