Thursday Thoughts: Slow living

by Lesley on September 20, 2012 · 3 comments

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“It takes a full twenty minutes after your stomach is full for your brain to register satiation. How long does it take your soul to realize that your life is full? The slower the living, the greater the sense of fullness and satisfaction.”

…And this one is soooo good too!…

“Prayer without ceasing is only possible in a life of continual thanks. How did I ever think there was another way to enter into His courts but with thanksgiving?”

Both of these quotes come from Ann Voskamp in her book, One Thousand Gifts. Make sure to check out her blog, a Holy Experience where you’ll find 10 Points for Joyful Parenting.

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Lesley, I LOVE this quote and whole idea of think it's one of the reasons why I love living life in a country that naturally lives life more slowly. (that does not sounds grammatically correct?)I find it's easier for us, gett'er-done'rs, do'ers and list makers to actually stop, taste and enjoy.


Is it irreverent if I point out that these quotes immediately made me think of Simon and Garfunkel's The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy): "Slow down, you move too fast. Got to make the morning last ..." When God tells us to taste and see that he is good, I get the impression we are to take those tasty morsels, chew slowly and savor the flavor of a sumptious banquet, not wolf down hunks of meat ripped from a carcass. Much more lasting satisfaction that way, isn't there? Tim


I have that book but just can't get in to it! Did you have that trouble?