Fall fashion, bribery and politics

by Lesley on September 7, 2012 · 0 comments

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Coffee shop style

Do you use Polyvore? I’ve been learning how to use it this week thanks to Dana’s tutorial on House Tweaking. That little image above is my dream coffee shop outfit. I’d wear it to Old Soul and feel all cocktail cutesy.

In the spirit of fall fashion, and because I know there are some teachers out there, here are two gals who know to teach and how to dress: E Tells Tales, and Amy Estes.

7 things Christians need to remember about politics. Dang, that’s a good read.

The business nine women kept a secret for over three decades. Heartwarming!

Bribing other passengers not to hate your baby on the plane. I’m going to go with awesome for this one…but really…how did this mom have the time?!

It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Are you following Daisy’s story? Her family still needs donations towards her medical expenses. P.S. Her dad is the one who wrote Godspeed.

Gender and Bible Believers: What Evangelicals are Missing

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