Where I come from

by Lesley on August 29, 2012 · 2 comments

in family

We’re back from Hawaii, and we had an incredible time away. I can’t wait to share a little bit about our vacation with you but first I wanted to share a few memories of my Grandma Jeanne. She passed away peacefully yesterday morning, and while it was a shock to us because she was physically healthy, we also are thankful for God’s divine timing. She suffered from dementia and I think we all feared that her body would outlast her mind. I kind of imagine her arriving to heaven this and asking Jesus two questions: “Where’s my milkshake?” and “So, what were those last few years all about, huh?”

Grandma Jeanne had a great sense of humor and liked to tease us with a special twinkle in her eye. Visits to my grandma’s house always meant lots of Hershey’s candy bar treats and walks to the ocean. She lived in Newport Shores, and we spent many summers out on Newport Beach. This little blog header (the lifeguard tower) is from Newport. Usually we’d beg to sit in her car, and when we got older we’d beg to drive it. I finally got a chance to take The Hog for a spin about a year ago when I was very pregnant with Anna. Fortunately my tummy fit behind the wheel.

I am thankful Anna was able to meet Grandma Jeanne last fall. She won’t remember the visit, of course, but I will treasure this photo.

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