Coupons, cookie batter popsicles and Everlane

by Lesley on August 17, 2012 · 0 comments

in feel good friday

Last week I made dairy free cookie batter popsicles. And this week I’ve experimented with Bob’s Red Mill gluten free pancakes and I also made gluten free cookies. I think we’ve officially turned granola.

Some words for Christians on both sides of the Chick-fil-A war. Well written and certainly worth your time to read. I realize I’m two weeks behind on this whole debacle but the whole topic was a little too heated for me to post about two weeks ago. I am going to keep my opinion about all of it to myself.

In way more exciting news, I LOVE the sounds of this new company, Everlane. Quality $50 t-shirts for only $15. And they have lots of other cute stuff and a spiffy website. Check it out! (Thanks, Cup of Jo, for the introduction!)

Coupons! Do you use this site? I’m going to be better about printing coupons out that I will actually use.

Who are you going to vote for in November? Not sure yet? Check out this candidate match game on USA Today.

A new indie film comes out today called And If We All Lived Together. It’s about five senior citizens in Paris who decide to live together as an alternative to living in a nursing home. I listened to an interview with Jane Fonda about the movie and found myself really intrigued by the concept… so intrigued that I’m already planning who I want to live with when we turn 80.

I swore I’d never be the mom who owned three strollers for one child. Then I bought this umbrella stroller for $10 on Craig’s List. And I hate it. Turns out that my long legs and arms don’t quite fit this tiny stroller, and my larger than average child is almost too big for it too. Le sigh.

Irvine folks- you’ll find this NPR segment really interesting. It’s about an FBI agent who went undercover at an Irvine mosque. Interesante? Si.

Photo of Hawaiian palm trees from our 2007 trip. We’re currently in route…and I’m only slightly excited! Aloha!  

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