Calling all summer enthusiasts!

by Lesley on August 9, 2012 · 2 comments

in travel

I’m going on vacation this month, so I thought it might be fun to turn my blog space over while I’m lounging on the beach.

I have no idea what kind of response I’ll get, if any. I’m hoping I won’t need to turn anyone down but if I get too many responses I’ll give higher priority to those of you who are frequent readers and subscribers. (Make sure you let me know if you’re a subscriber when you submit.) If you write a post and I don’t have room to publish it while I’m gone, I’ll either link to it in another post OR I’ll publish when I get back.

The prompt: Summer, of course! Tell me about your favorite summer memory as a child, or the best thing that happened to you this summer, or the most beautiful place to vacation. Show me your favorite summer outfit style board, or point us to the latest (and best!) summer clearance sales. Oooooh, or maybe you have a great summer recipe to share! Let’s have summer go out with a bang, okay?

The only rules: I’m looking for positive posts with no foul language or anything like that. Keep it clean. I know you will.

The deadline: Next Wednesday, August 15, which is less than one week from today! Please e-mail them to And don’t forget a picture, if possible, and a very short bio about yourself.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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