On the bright side

by Lesley on July 9, 2012 · 1 comment

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I showed up for my dentist appointment this morning, and ran into Jonathan in the parking lot. The man with perfect teeth had just gotten two cavities filled at 8:00am. I was next, at 9:00am.

“I hate to be the one to tell you this,” he said, “But you’ve got a lot of problems with your teeth.”

“Whaaaaaaatttt?” I squawked back.

Last week the receptionist called and told me that my x-rays revealed work needed to be done. I made the appointment without asking what exactly needed fixing. I’d never needed much work in the past.

Jonathan told me I was going to need at least one crown, possibly two, and possibly a root canal.

My heart sank.

I’m the grand-daughter of a dentist. We treat our teeth very seriously around this house. Maybe all my sugar intake had caught up?

I headed up to the office, my mind racing. Crowns? Root canals? I don’t have dental insurance! I don’t even have any mouth pain! 

I plopped into the dental chair and start nervously jabbering to the dental assistant as she pulls my x-rays up on the screen.

The dentist comes in and starts poking around my mouth. I’m trying to tell him that I’ve never had major dental work done before.

“I brush! I have no pain! My grandpa was a DENTIST.” I emphasize the last point most, as if this fact protects me from root canals.

He continues to stick my teeth with one of those sharp hooked instruments.

I see him exchange glances with the assistant. The numbers aren’t matching up. The place where crowns are supposed to go have no problems.

“Well, three cavities need to be filled today–two minor, one a bit deeper,” he says.

“That’s ALL?!?!” I cry. “That’s IT!?”

He leaves the room.

And then she tells me he put the wrong post-it note on my chart.

Someone else out there needs two crowns and a root canal, but not me.

All of a sudden, three cavities seems like I’ve won the lottery. I am GIDDY. I am ready to go out and celebrate by eating lots and lots of sugar.

This, my friends, is seeing life on the bright side. 

Thank you, Dr. Jeffs, for trying to give me a heart attack and a root canal. I can’t wait to come back for my fillings. Perhaps we should get ice cream afterwards?

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