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by Lesley on July 2, 2012 · 4 comments

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So, I disappeared last week because our front porch makeover and my family’s visit kept me away from the computer. I can’t wait to take a few photos of our “new” house. In the meantime, here’s what else has been keeping me busy and entertained:

Reading: A Shelter in the Time of Storm and John Stott’s Galatians study. Both are great for my quiet time each day.

Listening to: This American Life’s ‘Americans in China‘. I might like this segment more than the average person since I’ve spent extensive time in China, but, it’s a great show. Give it a listen when you’re cleaning, cooking or driving.

Thankful for: A new front porch! Shane made us a cute wooden railing, and with the help of my brother and sister-in-law, we now have a re-done porch swing. Jonathan painted our front door red yesterday. We just need to update the hardware and porch light…and maybe get a rug and a pillow but don’t tell that to Jonathan. Pictures to come whenever I get my act together.

Hoping: Colorado’s wildfires stop soon. California will always be my favorite state, but Colorado is really a very close second. It makes me sad to think of it’s beauty being burned away.

Anticipating:  This weekend’s stay-here-retreat with the girls in my bible study. It will involve a slumber party, lots of food, candy and tanning. There will probably be trashy tabloids passed around too.

Cooking: Grilled brie sandwiches with a touch of our neighbor’s apricot jam. One word: divine.

Baking:  Are you even kidding me? It’s too hot to bake!

Watching: The Olympic swim trials, like, every single night. I almost made an advent calendar to count down for London. I love the games THAT MUCH.

(NOT) Excited about: paying our dental bills after Jonathan and I BOTH get cavities filled next Monday. Lame.

And, you, my friends? 

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Weird. My name auto spelled above on the first comment with 3 Ns in my name. But I do know how to spell it. :)


I want to play: Reading: Nudge ... figuring out how people think and the design of choice environments... Listening to: My summer playlist on Spotify which is all dance tunes, but in the calmer moments I put on Fleet Foxes lately :) Thankful for: Friends in Stockholm who always invite me to do things. Hoping: I can manage the hecticness of summer vacations on my very minimal budget. Anticipating: 9 days from now when I arrive to a shared house with a bunch of friends on the French Riviera! (re: thank you tax refund for that, but still on a very minimal budget ;) Cooking: Mushroom soy steak with grilled zucchini and bell peppers. Baking: I do not do that. But I did create a cake with storebought cake layers on Sunday for an early 4th of July celebration. Watching: I WISH I could watch the American Olympic trials here in Sweden. I wish i wish i wish. I also love the Olympics that much. But alas, I don't do much TV watching. When I was sick last week I watched all 10 episodes of the first season of HBO's Girls. Not excited about: The rest of the work I have to do today. Just wanna go in the sun. We had the rainiest June on record in Sweden this year, so now that there's sun we should be in it!


Lesley, Great post (again). I am catching up on all my This American Lifes (lives?)--loved the China episode. Also, the Track and Field Trials were HERE--we have very little to brag about, so we'll take what we can get. xoxo, Beth


brie and apricot jam-mmm!