Supermarket Sunday: Costco Edition

by Lesley on June 24, 2012 · 13 comments

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It’s Sunday, and I’m in the mood for a little confessional of sorts. A few days ago I pulled the ultimate stay-at-home mom move: I suggested Ashlee meet me as Costco to shop and get lunch. Fortunately for me, she totally took the bait and it was chaotically awesome. Picture Ashlee in line for hotdogs while our HUGE carts are blocking all foot traffic. Then Everett starts crying, Anna’s crawling all over the dirty ground, and I’m waving cauliflower in her face. We REALLY enjoyed our dogs and ice cream despite having limited time to eat them. (Thanks for buying, Ash! Don’t be surprised if I call you next week and want to go again.)

So, the real reason I’m writing is because I need some help obeying a little rule that Jonathan and I set for ourselves. Here’s the rule:

Nothing goes in the cart that wasn’t already on the list. 

47 person tent, I’m talking about you.

Toddler trike, I’m talking about you too.

Creamy spinach dip and People magazine, Snapware system, 182 pack of cucumbers and luggage rack I’m also talking about you.

Any experienced Costco shopper knows that a trip to the superstore will often result in a bill over $100 with only three things in the cart. I’m trying to avoid this little problemo by taking photos of anything that interests me, coming home, thinking about it, and then maybe adding it to the list for next time.

The thing with Costco (or any grocery store for that matter) is I never 100% know when I’m getting the best value. Additionally, I sometimes don’t know if an item even tastes good or performs well. As a new Costco shopper, I need some help. Can you help me? Here’s what kind of feedback I’m particularly looking for…

What do you ONLY shop for at Costco? (Food? Cleaning supplies? Clothes?)

What do you think are the very best healthy food items to purchase at Costco? Please keep in mind that we have limited freezer space but a decent amount of fridge space so I’m highly interested in fridge or dry food items. Are there any organic food items that you love? (I already got tipped off to TortillaLand tortillas, Tilamook cheese, and Coastal Range Organics frozen chicken breasts.)

Please help a girl out in the comment section and tell me what you love at Costco! Also, I’ll be back over the next few Saturdays with similar questions (and advice) about Trader Joe’s, farmer’s market and regular supermarket shopping.

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