The goings ons, v.4

by Lesley on June 5, 2012 · 6 comments

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Reading:  She’s Got Issues, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Keeping Chickens.  Reading the first book reminded me that unless I want to give myself anxiety over something NEW to take care of, we should wait on the chickens. Next spring was the original plan and will stay the plan. Instead, we’re enclosing our front porch and doing a few other front yard fix-ups. Yay!

Listening to: Angel Snow (Patty Griffin fans- check it out) and John Mayer’s new album, which is super good even though he is a douche.

Thankful for: Old Soul vanilla steamers and their wine selection.

Hoping that: Anna starts enjoying strawberries, cherries and/or blueberries. We have a broccoli eater but not a berry lover? Weird.

Anticipating:  A visit to East Sac’s new La Bombe ice cream parlor, serving Gunther’s! I foresee many park play date ice cream visits in our summer future.

Cooking: Trout. And I failed. In my head, real women can fillet a fish. Who wants to come over and teach me?

Baking:  Toasted-Coconut Refrigerator Cake because Amy says it’s delicious. I’m attempting to halve the recipe on Thursday night for dinner guests.

Watching: 50/50 was the last movie we rented. It was, obviously, utterly depressing. But, I’m actually glad we saw it. Jonathan is much better looking than Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Excited about: our trip to Monterey in less than two weeks. We’re leaving Anna for two whole nights! I will probably break down about it at least once, but, I’m really looking forward to some alone time and rest with my sweetheart.

And, you, my friends? 

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