The perfect Saturday

by Lesley on June 3, 2012 · 3 comments

in for fun

I sorta kinda LOVE to get stuff done.

The perfect Saturday, to me, is a mix of relaxation and productivity.

A perfect Saturday is always preceded by an epic Friday night.

Additionally, a perfect Saturday has not photos taken because we were so in the moment that we didn’t have time to think out of the moment.

I kicked-off the weekend at Red Rabbit followed by some late night dancing. It was a whole lotta fun. Happy Birthday Tammy and Bethie!

“Slept-in” ‘till 8:00am on Saturday. Holy, moly, it was heavenly.

We made waffles when I woke up. Every good weekend starts with carbo-loading.

I had a long overdue phone catch-up with Peach while Anna played in the yard.

Jonathan mowed the lawn, and we washed our cars together while she napped.

Then, get this, I laid in bed (mid afternoon!) and read a book before dozing off for a power nap. (And the chorus sang!!!)

The whole fam busted our guts at Gunther’s. Double kiddie cone please, thankyousomuch.

We went on a Target shopping spree for diapers, formula and a bunch of other random crap because that’s what always happens at Target.

Maddy came over and babysat Anna so that we could go to Pops-in-the-Park. Zach and Dana joined us, and then took us out to dinner at The Porch where I ate a Gouda stuffed chicken ‘n waffle plate. I’m pretty excited we get them in Sacramento for the next two years.

What did you do on Saturday? Was it amazing, or are you craving a do-over? 

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Laura Doyle
Laura Doyle

That was our Sunday! It was awesome. woke up and got E out of the house so J could sleep in, we went for a run, stopped for 'cupcakes' (muffins) at Freeport and walked home. Hung out, played outside, went out to dinner together.... good day.

Lindsay M
Lindsay M

You're excited you get Zach and Dana and I'm sad we're losing them! Oh life.

Tamara Powell
Tamara Powell

I can't even remember what I did on Saturday because when I think about the weekend, all I can think of is "she got it from her momma!" Thanks for dancing with me :)