Notice the bubbles, brush away your cares

by Lesley on May 30, 2012 · 3 comments

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Anna’s been changing daily it seems. I suppose that’s what babies do…I’m just still amazed at every milestone.

I love watching her turbo crawl across the house, her mouth wide open in a smug smile, as she makes a baby lion noise.

I love watching her bang on the living room window at nothing in particular, and lighting up at the site of passing cars.

I love (and hate) watching her spit out strawberries and every other fruit I give her except bananas and apples.

But my favorite thing in the world right now is brushing her little teeth. I probably should have started brushing her teeth months ago but I only got around to it recently (don’t tell my Grandpa, Dr. Hansen!)

I hold her in front of the bathroom mirror, and she immediately opens her mouth in a huge grin. Out comes the Tom’s strawberry toothpaste. I scrub while she makes faces. Neither of us wants it to end.

But alas, it always does. I set her down at my feet so I too can brush my own teeth. She climbs over to the toilet and runs her little hands all over.  And then she stands up at the bathtub and attempts to hurl herself over.

Getting ready in the mornings is no longer as relaxing as it used to be, but it’s certainly filled with a lot of love and giggles.

A baby reminds you that even brushing your teeth can be fun.

Next time you brush, smile a little while you go. Feel the bubbles and foam. Make a face or two.

For the parents out there, what’s a simple pleasure your child(ren) have taught you to enjoy again? And, bonus question, do you let your kids run their little hands all over the toilet, or is that just me? 

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Umm...while it is definitely not just you, it is certainly not an acceptable activity up in herrrr. I gasp in horror if Scout even motions toward the toilet. Perhaps even more than if she were to lunge for the wood burning stove. Let's not mess with poop...or pee, for that matter. But, for the record, I fully support a bubble bath and pizza consumption in said pooped-in-bath POST-bleach:)


love having a little look into the simple pleasures of motherhood. So truth be told, I don't have kids but I'm sure I'd let them run their little hands all over the toilet. My dilemma will be do I brush their teeth with the tap water (third world country= not good tap water, but oh, so convenient) or do I use bottled water every time?

Laura Doyle
Laura Doyle

So cute! Once E started walking we had to implement a rule that toothbrushes have to stay in the bathroom, which is harder for John and I to follow then Ellie. But it prevents her running around with a toothbrush in her mouth. Ellie has reminded me of so many of life's little pleasures, most recently, the fun of blowing dandelion seeds into the air.