A Prayer on Thankful Tuesday

by Lesley on May 15, 2012 · 3 comments

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Last fall, before we found out about The Big C, I was preparing for Thanksgiving by tweeting something I was thankful for every single day. Looking back, I believe God had put a spirit of gratitude on my heart in the days leading up to Jonathan’s cancer diagnosis because being thankful during that time helped to balance some of the rough stuff.

I subscribe to a blog by Micha Boyett that you should check out. She’s been posting a list every Tuesday containing things she’s thankful for. Today I’m joining her in the form of a prayer.

Dear God,

Today I am thankful for the ways you have slowed me down; for Anna’s growing hands that still tighten their grip around my finger, and how I must stop and giggle throughout the day at her antics…toes in mouth, mirror magic. I am thankful for the wafting smell of tiny white flowers on our fence. I am so glad they belong to the neighbors but I get to reap the benefits of their smell. I would have surely, accidently, killed them by now. Father, I am thankful for red ripe cherries and equally beautiful strawberries and a bouquet of sweet peas from the Farmer’s Market. I am thankful for a full refrigerator because I know there are so many who go hungry every day. I am thankful for open windows; not too hot and not too cold. I am thankful for Amy and the way she knows how to ask such good questions…and I am thankful that ALL THREE of her children nap at the same time so that she could talk to me today. I am thankful for Anna’s $5.99 hot pink baby pool and the hours we’ve already spent in the backyard using it. I am thankful for Jonathan’s drive and ability to work despite being sick, and how he has faced cancer without feeling sorry for himself. God, I am thankful for your plans and how you’ve taught me, over time, to trust you. I am thankful you know what you’re doing.

What are you thankful for today?

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Beautiful. Super thankful for you too!


What a touching prayer, Leslie! Although, I don't know you very well, you have been an encouragement and inspiration to me. Reading how you've dealt with C is unbelievable. I hope that if I'm ever in a situation like you, I have the grace you've exhibited. Thank you, friend.

Micha Boyett
Micha Boyett

Lesley, I love your list and that sweet girl in her hot pink pool. Thanks for joining up today. It's so great to take a peek into your world. :)