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by Lesley on April 15, 2012 · 1 comment

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There’s been a few distractions over the last week or so. Mainly: a fun weekend visiting my parents in Irvine. This little gal joined me…naturally…and we soaked up the attention, and good cooking, and chocolate. Oh, the chocolate.

Easter Sunday was all that I had been anticipating. New dresses, new hope. Chocolate. Oh yes, I already mentioned the chocolate.

We spent time outside, sorting Easter basket loot, staring at the clouds roll by. I told Anna she needed to earn a scholarship to Westmont if she ever wanted hope at attending. Here she is, holding plank, in an effort to get ahead on the other future soccer recruits. I’ve already sent Coach Kiely the photo. So far, Anna is a lead recruit for 2029, right behind Eden.

Not surprisingly, Anna has more of an interest in reading than exercising. Her mother’s child, I tell you. Besides the Sesame Street bath book she’s holding, her Easter basket was full of empty eggs and one stuffed toy. I was really tempted to put together a perfectly cute Pottery Barn esque basket filled with adorable wooden toys and Etsy finds…but really…why? She’s not even 9 months old.

Grandparent photo before church! Take a good look at those tights. I dropped her off at the church nursery like she’s pictured above. I got her back without the shoes, holes in both feet, and the headband stashed in her diaper bag. I don’t really know what went on in there, but clearly she had a blast.

We went to the pool TWICE last weekend! It was Anna’s first (and second) time …and she LOVED IT. Obviously this makes me hope that Westmont gets a swim team by 2029. 😉 All of us had so much fun watching her kick and splash and squeal. I asked my mom, “When can babies go under water?” to which she responded, “Well, now. Try it. Just be really excited and happy when you pull her back out of the water.” Down she went! Up she went! The look of surprise and shock on her face just about killed me. But, I cheered and smiled, just like Mom said to do. After the water stopped dripping from her eyelashes she began kicking and smiling again.

Obviously, as this picture indicates, Anna is just way too advanced for Sesame Street bath books. She prefers The Hunger Games. So does Mama. I finished this book so that Jonathan and I could see the movie on Wednesday night. Today might hold a little front porch reading…. I still have the next two to go!

Speaking of Jonathan, where is he in the photos? Ah, well, someone planned his annual ski trip over Easter weekend. Any other year I probably wouldn’t have been so happy about that decision but this year I have a little more patience and grace and understanding. His great friends traveled from all over to meet in Tahoe on a non-chemo weekend. They got a great ski in/ski out place at Squaw so that Jonathan could ski as much or as little as he wanted to. Based on how tired he’s been since returning, I think he skied a lot.

Happy Sunday!

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I love Anna doing the plank!