Observations on a winter morning

by Lesley on March 2, 2012 · 2 comments

in Anna,lessons learned

Oh, the things you will learn my sweet girl.

That the blue of a baby’s eyes is even deeper and more peaceful set to the backdrop of a winter sky.

That the hardest things bring out the best in people.

That romance is not like the movies portray it to be…it is messier and not set to a killer soundtrack nor will my clothes ever be as cute as Rachel McAdams. But this life, this real life, is better.

That summer’s warmth has always just happened, or is about to happen…and the bare limbs which separate these seasons allow us to see what has always been there but was perhaps lost in the leaves.


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I'll second that. Love you, dear Anna!

Steve Miller
Steve Miller

Well this picture is like all the rest...makes me want to just hug her and kiss her.