20 lessons from my 20s

by Lesley on February 4, 2012 · 4 comments

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Only 8 days left ’till I’m officially a 30 year old. So, here are my 20 lessons learned during my 20’s. I can’t wait to see what I might be taught in the next decade! For some reason, I think patience with small children might be very high on the list…

  1. I learned that the phrase “Follow your heart” is (excuse me) bullsh*t.
  2. I learned to follow my God. He hasn’t let me down.
  3. I learned that my God sometimes moves slowly.
  4. I learned to speak up even when I thought it might cost me a job, or a future reference.
  5. I learned that I love writing, and I’m good at it!
  6. I learned the good employees aren’t usually the ones who got incredible grades or went to the best school. Incredible employees stay late, read a lot, ask appropriate questions, take risks, figure it out, push back, think creatively, make mistakes and fix their mistakes.
  7. I learned not to chase the money if it’s going to cost me my soul.
  8. I learned that fresh veggies are worth the time and money.
  9. I learned I won’t love work everyday. That’s why it’s called work.
  10. I learned that some women never feel ready to have a baby, but that doesn’t mean a darn thing.
  11. I learned that I will never regret taking creative measures to make vacation happen. Memories are worth more than new shoes. But at the same time…
  12. I learned that vacations are a luxury, not a right, not something I’m owed, not something that trumps living within our means.
  13. I learned that marriage is richer and more wonderful than I ever thought it might be.
  14. I learned that running is actually quite fun, and not the chore I hated for so many of my younger years.
  15. I learned that getting life insurance is a very, very smart decision. Thank you Jesus.
  16. I learned that my relationship with friends from college grow even sweeter as we age.
  17. I learned creative ways to help people in need, and I learned to never look past a woman on the streets.
  18. I learned to use sunscreen every single day.
  19. I learned that I prefer white wine over red, but Old Vine Zin is also quite good.
  20. I learned that I like old homes and I like remodeling.

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I am so glad you linked to this list from my place, Lesley. There are a lot of people much older than 30 who could stand to learn these things!


I love this list. I especially love the few in the vein of being bold and standing firm in the workplace. #4 is particularly challenging to me today as I read that. Thank you for that.


#13 is most certainly my favorite. Thanks for sharing, Les. I love this list. You are wise in your young age. I'm glad you're my friend.


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