Foodie trips, vino picks, and trendy teething toys

by Lesley on February 3, 2012 · 1 comment

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With Anna nearing the stage where NO item is safe, this coffee table is dreamy. We’ll never buy it, but one can imagine how much easier life would be…

TheĀ 8 Best Foodie Getaways from Around the World.

The trendy teething toy I didn’t know about, but I’m so glad someone told me existed.

I wish I could attend BlogHer ’12 in NYC. Meg/Katz/Anna/Anna/Corinne: Are You IN!?!

This week’s Glee was actually worth watching. In the spirit of MJ and commercial weekend, here’s a flashback for ya.

If you’re having a tough day, you’ll read this site and may be reminded it’s actually a great day.

The Before They Leave Me List.

A dessert I forgot about for awhile but just rediscovered. (photo credit: here.)

I just downloaded this free app to keep track of wines we enjoy, because, I spend way too long being indecisive at Trader Joe’s.

Bonus: Pick up the latest issue of Sactown. It’s fabulous. The cover story is a MUST READ. That’s all I’m gonna say.


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I would LOVE to do BlogHer 2012... not sure if it's the cards (read $), but it would be SO fun!! Also, glad I clicked on the "Before They Leave Me List" link... thankful to discover it was about children growing up and not about loved one's dying. Whew.