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by Lesley on February 1, 2012 · 3 comments

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Today marks the start of my birthday month, and anyone who knows me realizes that I love my birthday. I realize this is somewhat narcissistic because I’m basically saying that I love gifts, attention and celebration centered around me. But, I can’t help it–birthdays bring me joy and I love celebrating mine as well as other people’s special days.

Since this year I’m turning 30 (!!!) I am feeling the pressure to really reflect on the last decade of my life, and the decade to come. 30 feels BIG for some reason, and I’ve (admittedly) anticipated this birthday even more so than years past. My hope is that I can make some time to write a few 30/birthday related posts this month. Consider this the first of several more to come.

A few months ago, while wasting time on Pinterest, I stumbled across something that touched my heart. A blogger, Robyn, decided to celebrate her 30th birthday by doing 30 random acts of kindness. I read her post and thought it was such a great idea. And then I forgot about it. My friend Lori, however, did not. She turned 30 last weekend and celebrated by gathering her friends and family to spend the entire day (9am-11pm) doing kind acts for other people. This honestly doesn’t surprise me which says a lot about Lori. Anyone who knows her will agree she is genuinely kind, compassionate and giving. I love, love, love that she spent her 30th caring for others. I asked her if I could post a few pictures of her day and share some of the things she did.

  • Leave coins in condo laundry mat
  • Thank you note and gift card for mailman
  • Hang up fliers for our condo block party
  • Pay for starbucks order of the car behind us in the Starbucks drive through
  • Leave a really big tip
  • Bring donuts and coffee to migrant workers on the corner by our house
  • 30 minutes of balloon animals for kids at the library
  • Food donation at library food barrel
  • Leave a note and a coffee gift card in a classic book or self-help book at the library
  • Thanks and banana bread to firehouse and police
  • Return shopping carts to store or cart corral
  • Put quarters/notes on gumball machines
  • Put quarters/note on soda machine The Pepsi machine needs 5 quarters.
  • Let people ahead in line at grocery store
  • Leave 30 cents buy a gallon of water for someone
  • Hand out water bottle to joggers on the bike path
  • Pick up litter on the preserve trails
  • Open doors for people everywhere we go
  • Write a thank you letter to someone who has impacted your life
  • Donate used coats to rescue mission
  • Catalog/donate neighbors items to good will
  • Mail neighbor a note that day volunteering to clean out her garage
  • Online donation to zoo for an artificial tree for a panda
  • Assemble homeless bags and put in our cars to give out a later time.
  • Give coupons out to customers waiting to make their purchase at Michaels
  • Donate children’s pajamas at sleep train  for foster children
  • Buy dog toys to donate from the humane society wish list
  • Feed parking meters that are close to expiration
  • Make valentines cards to take to a retirement home
  • Serve dinner to church deacons on Friday evening

If you’re inspired by Lori’s day, check out www.thebdayproject.com to see others who are celebrating their birthdays with kindness for others.

Lor, thanks for letting me share your story. I love you and your sweet heart. Happy 30th!

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I love Dan's face in the balloon photo - any day with balloons is like his birthday.


Love the ideas here! I too am a fan of my birthday month - September. Love celebrating my and my friend's birthdays. I consider them a big deal. Have a good one!


It might be impossible for me to love this any more than I do. March is my month. I am very highly considering how I might take on that month now.