Crying-it-out, Rompers and Meyer Lemons

by Lesley on January 27, 2012 · 1 comment

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I’m totally against the belief that “crying it out” is not a Christian value. So basically this article really annoyed me.

What is SOPA anyway? 

The marketer in me is fascinated by JC Penney’s new sales approach. Cheap towels all the time? I like, I like.

I dream of the day I can return to Iona, stay at this place, and let our kids run through the green grass until they collapse. (Note: I say “kids” (plural) because there is no immediate plan to visit.)

Why should (YOU) care about the Gingrich marriage? “Because I think it comes down to the simple question of character. I think character matters. It matters in your family, it matters in your business, it matters in everything you do each day of your life.”

It’s Meyer Lemon season. This means I hope my  neighbor brings me lemons again so I can try thisthisthis and this.

The migrant Chinese culture is fascinating to me. How will you celebrate Chinese New Year? We’re going to get takeout from the hole in the wall place down the street. Duh.

Anna has so many clothes and yet I still want to buy her this romper.

Etsy’s Valentine’s Day gift guide. CUUUUTTTTEEEEE. Jonathan- are you listening?

photo credit to chiot’s run

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I don't have time to read all the links right now, but oh how I want to -- interesting stuff. I did read the first article on crying it out. A persuasive article if I've ever read one. Sheesh, as if I didn't have enough to worry about without adding the guilt of teaching my infant theology by letting or not letting him/her cry it out. In my opinion, the argument is so child and parent specific, I wouldn't come down on either side. I've done both depending on the baby and my/their needs.