Cuddle Escapism

by Lesley on January 24, 2012 · 5 comments

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We watched The Bachelor last night. It was the third time we’ve watched this season which is a lot because both of us hate it in a very judgmental we don’t like reality tv sorta way.

The entire time the show is on, I say the same things over and over:

“I CANNOT believe we’re watching this.”

“Ew- seriously? She just said that? Ew! She’s so fake. We can’t watch this.”

“This is disgusting TV. Do these women really think this is love? They must have their heads screwed on the wrong way! (Can you pass me the gummy bears, love?)”

“What is wrong with Americans that they’re entertained by this nonsense?”

“We should NOT be watching this. Let’s turn it off.”

This is what Jonathan says:

“Her eyebrows are really weird.”

Usually when we watch TV at night, one of us has our laptop open. It’s a bad habit. (Do you or your husbands do this too?) It’s like we can’t even fully concentrate on television…we have to be bombarding ourselves with multiple forms of entertainment at the same time.

To give us some credit, and so that we don’t appear to be total idiots, we don’t actually watch that much TV. But, when we do, it’s not a cuddle fest the way it could and should be.

Last night though? We wrapped up in a blanket, held hands, touched each other’s hair, and watched The Bachelor in all its insanity.

I’ve decided a couple of things:

Kacie B is his girl.


Sometimes reality TV is just what the doctor ordered.

p.s. That couch above does not belong to me. It’s up there because if I tried to take a professional looking photo of my own couch, I’d fail. The above couch is from Pottery Barn. It’s pretty and comfy looking, right? And much better than me posting a yucky picture of BEN or whatever the heck his name is.

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The show is really ridiculous. I just think of what the contestants are thinking when they watch it months or years down the road. (Why did I say that or act in that way?!?!?!?!)


So cute. I cannot even watch the Bachelor - I get so embarrassed for the ppl that I squirm the entire time. It's so uncomfortable that I can't look at the screen sometimes and then I just end up fastforwarding until the rose ceremony. As Sarah said, Revenge is awesome (in a really really bad sort-of-way). No awkward moments at all.


I can't watch this show -- every time a girl says she can't stand watching {whatever his name is} with another girl, I want to punch myself in the face. So my guilty pleasure is Revenge! It's so horrifying, and I'm hooked.


I cannot watch that show without my laptop on my lap. And, yes every time I think, what am I doing watching this garbage. Then I do it again. Reality tv is soothing. Weird.

Laura Doyle
Laura Doyle

yes, it is all about cuddling. I have to tell us both to leave our iphones in the other room.