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by Lesley on January 13, 2012 · 5 comments

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One of the reasons I love blogs is because people give advice about their favorite products, restaurants, travel locations, etc. After I posted about Love Sac slippers a few months ago, I was so flattered to hear that a few of you took my advice and bought a pair (or two!) I was feeding Anna yesterday and started thinking about some of my other favorite things. The last time I did a post like this it was 2007 so apparently it’s about time I did another one. Here we go…

Favorite airline: JetBlue. The last two times we’ve flown with Anna, they’ve given us an extra seat for her. How cool is that?! Plus, when she’s a little bit older, those TVs are going to save my life along with their blue potato chips

Favorite baby clothes brand: Gap. Hands down. I have not bought Anna one full price item from Baby Gap- it’s all been gifted to her, found on super sale, or picked up at a thrift store. The thrift store items (obviously: used) are still in amazing condition. They hold their color and shape. Also, they tend to use similar colors each season so it’s easy to mix and match.

Favorite place to buy mugs: Anthropologie. I know, I know. Anthro can be pricey. That’s why I’m grateful some of my favorite mugs have been gifted to me (Thank you Amy and Sarah!) Anthro has great sales, and I consider a mug the perfect birthday present especially when there is fun candy or hot cocoa inside. Which brings me to my next point…

Favorite hot cocoa: Ginger Elizabeth. This is a local, Sacramento chocoalatier. Ginger is not even 30 and she’s owned her own shop for several years. Everything she makes is amazing but I’m a huge fan of her chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa. Ashlee and Alicia bought me a bag of cocoa in November and I inhaled it. If you come to visit this winter, we’ll likely take you to Ginger Elizabeth or to Old Soul (another favorite for warm beverages.)

Favorite car brand: Honda. We own two Hondas and they never give us problems. They go, and go, and go. My little Civic has been so good to me, and hopefully it continues to be good to me because our car fund turned into a cancer fund which means no new car for awhile. Go Civic go!

Favorite hummus: Trader Joe’s Cilantro & Jalapeno. Pair it with organic blue corn tortilla chips and you are golden. Trust me on this one. I don’t even like Jalapenos, so that says something, right?

Favorite place to register: Whether you’re getting married or having a baby, Amazon’s Universal Registry is awesome. You can pull products from lots of different sites, and the return policy is incredible.

Favorite napkins: Ikea FANTASTISK. Trust me on this one. Ikea has super cheap and super cute napkins. $3.99 for a 50 pack. I love using colored napkins for ordinary meals, and I don’t feel guilty using up all my Ikea ones. I just go buy more!

Best (expensive) face products: Obagi Nu-Derm. I’ll admit- I was gifted this product line from a lovely friend who used to work at the company. It’s fantastic, especially if you have Melasma. (I used to- it’s now gone!) I now use their sunblock, and the Exfoderm Forte, and I’m convinced the Exfoderm has kept me (mostly) zit free even while my hormones have been all over the place.

Best (cheap) face products: I still use Cetaphil as my daily face wash. I still love it.

Favorite Christian author: I’m currently digging Timothy Keller. This might just be a phase, but, I’m going to highly recommend Gospel in Life as a great bible study guide, and Prodigal God if you’re looking for a quick read.

Best Running Shirt: Nike carries a long sleeve dri-FIT that I’ve worn for the last three seasons. It’s still in amazing shape, and it’s still just as black as the day I bought it. I’m a firm believer that it’s worth it to invest in good workout attire if it lasts, and if it keeps you exercising.

What are some of your current favorites?

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Anna Q
Anna Q

I CANNOT BELIEVE you would brag about your civic's endurance like this. If I did that, for sure my car would break down the next day. You're really living life on the edge, Lesley. My faves: snack (healthy): prunes and almonds; snack (unhealthy): sea salt & vinegar kettle chips; shoes: leopard flats from H&M; clothing store: Crossroads Trading Co; youtube video: hula hooping baby; sandwich joint: Paninos in Santa Barbara; blog:; jeans: levi's (purchased at Crossroads); makeup brand: Jane Iredale; mac & cheese: Trader Joe's frozen. That about covers it.

Jenny swanson
Jenny swanson

I recently bought those Ikea napkins on our vacation in Colorado. Chris is still making fun of me for flying home with napkins, but I too love the fun colors and the price was too amazing to pass up! Agree. New favorite hair product: Nightrider hair wax. Perfect for my no shower messy hair day. Makes greasy hair look cool. Sounds impossible, right?!

Laura Good
Laura Good

Subaru and VW are my fav cars. Had both -- logged an amazing number of miles on both! My Subaru Legacy has over 110,000 miles and still runs great! I haven't been to Ginger Elizabeth's -- I will definitely have to scope it out!

Laura Doyle
Laura Doyle

Where do you go for used baby clothes? Or are they hand me downs? These days, I love my Tom's shoes, my VW diesel sportswagon (VW has amazing service! Had a Honda for years before the VW, loved that car too), Recaro carseat, BOB jogging stroller, our Fuzzibunz cloth diapers.

Allison Moore
Allison Moore

I couldn't agree more about Jet Blue! We are flying to NY in the fall and we won't go on any other airline. I wish I had the same luck with Hondas ;( My transmission went out on my 2004 Accord a week after our honeymoon. Did I mention it only has 97,000 miles! I guess it was a crappy year for Honda according to the research I did. Enough favorite products that I can't live without include Clean & Clear oil blotting sheets, Cargo stick concealer (this stuff is amazing, yet light!) and Jan Marini face products. Oh, and Apple TV! We have cords in both our office and living room, which makes it easy to take the box from room to room and catch our favorite shows on Netflix (hoping one day it will connect to Hulu, but for now, no cable bill!).