The Best of 2011

by Lesley on December 28, 2011 · 4 comments

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Today’s post is my six annual “Best of” list. As has been the case in years past, this list includes some of the books, movies, TV shows, music and websites I’ve come to enjoy in 2011 along with some of my favorite memories. I also added a Trader Joe’s section this year because I always like finding out about what others buy at Trader Joe’s.

It’d be really fun if you left a few favorites of your own so that all of us can discover new books, music, movies, etc in 2012.

Best of 2011 Reads

  • The Help
  • The Wednesday Sisters
  • Same Kind of Different as Me
  • The Vaccine Book, Secrets of the Baby Whisperer and Babywise (we had a baby this year, okay?)

Best of 2011 Music

  • Hurts Like Heaven- Coldplay
  • Someone Like You- Adele
  • Moves Like Jagger- Maroon 5
  • Carry Me- Audrey Assad
  • How He Loves- David Crowder Band
  • What Do I Know of Holy- Addison Road

Best of 2011 Movies/TV

  • The Help
  • Mission Impossible 4
  • Bridesmaids
  • PanAm
  • New Girl
  • Up All Night
  • Modern Family

Best Websites/Blogs of 2011

Best New Recipes

Best Trader Joe’s Staples- the stuff we live off; the stuff we love

  • Frozen brown rice
  • Stuffed bell peppers
  • Pomegranate Green Tea
  • Raisin Bran and Honey Nut O’s
  • Chocolate lava cakes
  • Pesto tortellini bowls
  • Multigrain baking and pancake mix
  • Jalapeno hummus with organic blue corn tortilla chips

Best Moments of 2011

Stuff to Do in 2012

  • Help Jonathan beat the you know what out of cancer. This is going to be the most important and time consuming task of 2012. Bring it on.
  • Turn 30. Look hot doing it. Don’t look back.
  • Rub Amy’s pregnant belly in Colorado.
  • See Coldplay in concert. Must find floor seats. Are you going?
  • Chase Anna around the house. Buy her a swing for the backyard. Chase her around the backyard. Teach her to swim. Watch her turn 1.
  • Celebrate beating cancer/my mom’s 60th by going to Hawaii with my whole family. (Sorry Mom. I just told everyone you’re turning 60.)
  • Write a book. Yup. I’m doing it…at least the first draft.
  • Maybe, just maybe, run a big 26.2 mile race and raise some money for Lymphoma research. I’m thinking about it. Should I do it? I suppose it depends on how exhausted we are by early summer when I’d need to start training. Eeek!
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I would add 50-50 to your list of movies. but honestly, don't see it yet. wait until Jonathan has kicked cancer's butt. while it is am amazing movie, it will be too close to home for you right now. good luck on the marathon!!

Anna Q
Anna Q

Great list! Love that I got to share some of these memories with you. My 2011 bests include 1) Everything Louie (duh) 2) Everything about the group of girlfriends that I've snuck into without having to work for it here in Sacramento 3) Bossypants by Tina Fey 4) the blog at 5.) the blog at Re: Marathon: If you decide to do it I will run part of it with you for support. Probably not the last leg because I think I'd cry watching you finish.

Kelli Breton
Kelli Breton

What a great list!! I am going to check out some of your Trader Joe's favorites! :) I can't wait to read your book when it comes out!!! Happy New Year to you, Jonathan and Anna!


my BEST of 2012 was running (and finishing in a decent time even though my goal was just to finish!) my first marathon at 46 years old! I'm hoping my best of 2012 will be bettering that time! :) Training started yesterday.