Our “Famous” Family

by Lesley on December 14, 2011 · 2 comments

in christmas

Two things happened yesterday.

This photo appeared on MSNBC...which is so fun/funny/and amazing:

And, Anna made her TV debut last night on Fox40 during a segment about mommy blogging. You can read the story here. (I haven’t been able to find video yet.) I only wish I’d dressed her in denim and reindeer antlers.

Yes, to answer any lingering doubts, that is ME in the red belt and Keds. Aren’t we adorable? I think I must have been in fourth grade. 

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Anna Q
Anna Q

When you're singing "There's NO business like SHOW business" to Anna, I just hope that you're tap dancing :-)


Adorable! The video is at the top of the link you posted. Love Anna's overalls!