Slippers for Drizella

by Lesley on November 4, 2011 · 4 comments

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I haven’t been shy about sharing my disdain for the large feet God blessed me with. They have been a source of frustration since the time I hit puberty. When my dad started calling me “Drizella” (after Cinderella’s step sister who can’t fit into the glass slipper), I knew it was time to accept my fate.

As I’ve grown up it’s become a little easier to find shoes that fit–I’ve become an expert at knowing which stores carry my size. Online shopping is my best friend. (Nordies! Payless! Target! Zappos!)

But, I have to say, finding cute and comfy slippers is still a difficult task. My mother-in-law got me a great pair last year that I love, but now that I’m home more I need a few more “house shoes.” Right before I had Anna, a company contacted me and asked if I’d like to try their slippers out. I immediately hopped on their website before getting excited. Surely they wouldn’t have my size.

But guess what? They did. And this girl did a little happy dance, chose the white ones, and waited for my lucky present to arrive.

Love Sac sent me a pair of their slippers in September. They arrived in an adorable and sturdy box. Even though it was still 100 degrees in Sacramento, I put those fluffy slippers on my feet and didn’t take them off. I like that they are a simple design so I can wear them with jeans around the house. They also have a really nice cushioned sole, and keep my feet from getting not too hot and not too cold. (I actually really appreciate this because some slippers make your feet too toasty which can be annoying.)

And best of all? THEY FIT TRUE TO SIZE! My feet don’t hang over the edge like they do in other slippers, which makes me feel more like Cinderella and less like Drizella.

I was luckily compensated for these slippers, which is so cool of Love Sac. My only hesitation in buying them would be their price- around $50. I think the price seems somewhat steep for a slipper but then again I shop at Payless and Target so maybe I have a thriftier perspective than most.

If you need a Christmas gift idea, check out Love Sac’s site. Jonathan mentioned he wants new slippers for Christmas so I’m on the hunt for a pair myself! The company is actually known best for their furniture but they also have lots of other comfy stuff which is more reasonably prized than their slippers. I have my eye on an adorable throw pillow that looks like it could be found on Etsy. They also have kid chairs which I’d like to get for Anna’s room. She will need a cozy little chair soon for reading.

Happy Shopping!

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Great to know about the size (I'm a 10 myself) and the sale! I wouldn't get white though, with all my hardwood floors, I wouldn't want to see all the dust I'm tracking around. A nice taupe would be perfect!


Oh, she's still Drizella, and after seeing Anna busting out of her baby socks, Uncle Allison looks like she may have to share her nickname-Anastasia, with Anna.


Love those slippers! I tried them on and they're so cozy. Yaay Cinderella - no more Drizella. xoxoxo

Darren Johnson
Darren Johnson

Thanks for the post! I work for Lovesac and someone sent me the link to your post. The slippers are all $29 now with the sale we're having this week!