Pinterest Pick: T-Shirt Scarves

by Lesley on October 15, 2011 · 3 comments

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Just admit one of two things:

A. You’ve never heard of Pinterest.

B. You’re addicted to Pinterest and spend unhealthy amounts of time on the site, looking at everything from cute cat clothes to backyard remodel ideas for the backyard you don’t have, and travel pictures for the trips you can’t afford. Don’t feel bad. I do it too.

If you’re in the “A” category and don’t know what Pinterest is…well…don’t feel bad either. I mean, you’re only like 6 months behind.  (*Grin* )

So, Pinterest is this website with lots and lots and lots of lovely images. It’s sorta like looking through all your favorite magazines and then folding down the pages of the magazine on outfits, recipes or home ideas that you find inspiring and might want to try someday. The keyword in that last sentence is might. Let’s be honest: we’re all too busy watching Glee to actually ever implement any of the crafty DIY ideas or fancy recipes, right?

This past week I decided it was high time to do less pinning and more doing. First, to get in the mood, I made lemon muddy buddies. I’d seen a pin from the Chex website and felt the easy recipe would be a sure win. It wasn’t. I think it was just a bad recipe but then again I’ve had several recent failures in the kitchen (don’t even get me started on the apple pie I tried to make for Jonathan’s birthday) so perhaps I can just blame it all on new mom brain. I didn’t even take a picture so I’ll just borrow one from this lady who takes much prettier photos than I, and who must have done something right with her recipe because they turned out just fine!

I decided to pick an easy craft- T-shirt scarves- because I wasn’t ready for another failure, plus they would ultimately be free (just use an old shirt or buy a $1 shirt at a thrift store) and only take about 1/2-1 hour total.

Basically, you cut up an old t-shirt, stretch out the pieces, and twist them up into a scarf. If you want to get fancy you can braid a few of the pieces to mix in. The whole thing is very hipster- in fact- this would look a whole lot better on my trendy sister than on me. But, it’s sorta cute, right?

Tutorials here:

You can find me on Pinterest by clicking here.

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I have a similar scarf I bought last year at Gap. When my husband first saw me wearing it he said, "Is that a ripped t-shirt wrapped around your neck?" Why yes, yes it is. I get many compliments on it from the young-hip women types. :)


I was certainly a "B" for a few weeks, but I have faded out of a B. (My wife is very much a B still.)