City Life.

by Lesley on October 10, 2011 · 1 comment

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Jonathan had a work training last weekend in the Bay area so I used his hotel room as an excuse to visit my lovely little sis, Allison.

Allison lives in the Mission district which is a super cute/hipster area of San Francisco with unique boutiques and lots of restaurants. I’ve had the chance to visit her a few times since she moved there in January. She lives in an older apartment above a coffee shop, and her room looks out on a busy street. I think it’s super cool- although I’m sure at times it would be hard to sleep. She says covering her head with a pillow or playing white noise on her iPhone helps.

Allison has this super comfy and clean white bedspread which Anna emptied her stomach on as soon as we arrived. Classic. This is a photo of her, hands raised in victory, after accomplishing the task:

After everyone got cleaned up, I strapped the baby on me and we took BART to Union Square where we met up with Allison’s boyfriend, Matt, and my Grandpa Frank, aka Hawk. The Hawk was in town for Fleet Week and to see one of his favorite jazz bands. First up on the list of things to accomplish? Find Hawk a new sailor’s cap. Twenty minutes and $130 later, he found his treasure. Then, we headed up to Allison’s store so I could drop off my jacket. It was a gorgeous day but I was MELTING from carrying Anna.

Allison works for a consigner handbag company that resells expensive designer purses. The store is beautiful. Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing a “new” purse. Maybe she can get you a deal on this $42,000 alligator bag:

We all headed to Chinatown for a lunch of Dim Sum. I love LOVE love Dim Sum. So does Hawk. We ate all sorts of steamed buns and fried shrimpies and egg tarts. He held Anna for the first time, which melted all of our hearts. After lunch we walked to his hotel where he presented her with cowgirl outfits and a baby Christmas stocking. I received salt. We watched the air show from his window and let the baby do her poop. Not sure what was more entertaining- the air show or the multiple diaper changes.

Then, it was time for Anna’s nap. We shoved Allison’s earphones on her head to block out Blue Angel noises. I was tempted to pop into a dance club just to see if they needed a DJ for the night.

We did actually try to hit up a bar to watch Hawk’s jazz band but the baby wasn’t allowed in so the “kids” settled for gelato in North Beach while Hawk chatted it up with a mystery lady who met him at the bar. Yes, my grandpa is a popular guy. Must be the hat.

We finished off the day by having dinner with Jonathan back in the Mission before heading to Berkeley for the night. It was a fun weekend, and Anna was such a happy little city girl that I think we’ll need to go back again soon.

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you might be the coolest baby-dresser momma of all time. :) She is too cute.