{She} is my friend(s).

by Lesley on September 26, 2011 · 1 comment

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…lets me use the decorative pillows she’s no longer using in her own living room.

…offers to babysit, and she really means it.

…leaves me voicemails in a really deep, really silly man voice. Sometimes the voice has a British accent. Sometimes there is singing involved.

…sends me a Starbucks card in the mail and says, “Since we can’t get coffee together, have a drink on me and then e-mail me about your day.”

…lets me borrow her Spanx. And then later tells me they actually belong to her mother.

…isn’t afraid to ask for the personal details about Anna’s birth. And, I’m not afraid to answer.

…always wants to know how Jonathan is doing.

…offers me practical advice about being a mom, in a soothing yet confident tone that has me calling her back frequently for more insight.

…sends my baby U2 lullabies and pink Roxy sandals.

…buys Anna cute thrift store baby clothes.

…calls back.

…offers to come rock my baby so I can take a nap, even when she has her own baby to rock.

My life is rich because of my girlfriends. 

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