Slowing down

by Lesley on July 7, 2011 · 5 comments

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One would think, based on my lack of blogging, that life has been busy. Don’t tell anyone–(shhhhhh)–it’s actually been wonderfully slow.

The days are long, in the very best sense. The mornings still start early but the windows are now open, the fan blowing, birds chirping, sun creeping in through the curtains. I walk these days instead of run- literally and figuratively. From 8:30am to 5:30pm, there is plenty to do but not at the stress level I’d grown used to over the last three years. The evenings? They aren’t as scheduled. Since early June, I have said ‘NO’ with greater frequency,¬†preferring¬†instead to come home to Jonathan, cook an easy meal, and put my feet up. The weekends have mostly been spent here, at home. The laundry is not piling up. The fridge almost always has food. I’ve read a few books. We take evening walks. Last week, on an unusually rainy Wednesday night, we snuck dessert into Tower Theatre and saw Midnight in Paris.

A lot of people might have watched our last six weeks and called them boring. I have found them to be exactly what my body and mind needed after a cold winter of packing and unpacking and running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

In a few weeks, we will bring home a baby girl. We waver between complete excitement and sheer terror. We mourn the freedom we are losing. We celebrate the new life, the new joys, we are gaining.

Jonathan and I have prayed for this baby for a long time– long before we knew when she’d join us. As the date grows nearer, I grow more and more thankful that God prepares us for each season. He knows when each season will begin and end. He provides just what we need in each time.

No matter what season you’re in right now, I pray that you don’t feel alone in it. I pray you know that each season lasts for a short time. Each season has its hard moments that seem like they will never go away. Each season has its freedoms and joys that you hope never end.

Embrace your season. Be patient for the next season. His timing is good.

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