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by Lesley on June 4, 2011 · 7 comments

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We went through a whirlwind four months that I’ve never fully recapped here on this ol’ blog. And for how much I love reading home decorating blogs, I realized that maybe, just maybe, a few of you would enjoy reading about our kitchen remodel. I posted one picture back in March, when everything was complete, but didn’t give the full commentary on all the bits and pieces that led to its completion. So, here’s the full story:

If I had to sum up our remodel experience in one sentence, I’d say: “I love my kitchen and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.” This is a huge statement considering we never not interested in a remodel AT ALL when we started looking for homes.

Of course my sentiments are a little sunnier after the fact. I think during the process I knew I’d caught the remodel “bug” but I swore to myself I’d never do it again while actually living in the house. It was much cheaper to do it the way we did. With the help of really awesome friends, and a great contractor, the two months spent remodeling were as easy as they could have been.

Here’s what we did… (and by “we” I mean our amazing friend Shane Quinlan and his business partner Dave Reid):

Jonathan and I wanted the kitchen and dining room to feel less closed off, so Shane knocked down the wall adjoining the two rooms, and added a very high bar. We’d like to purchase bar stools soon but they are pricey, so pretend we have them already, ok?

We kept most of the big stuff in the same place- plumbing and electric didn’t change. Because I’ll be doing more work from home in the future, I wanted a corner window desk. This was the one part of the remodel we went back and forth about but I’m so glad we did it. The desk is one of my favorite parts of the kitchen. It gets lots of sunlight, has a nice backyard view, and makes it easy to multitask. Shane added cute bookshelves where I keep all my cookbooks and recipes.

We also worked with Shane to create the big store pantry and shelves. I think they are so functional but not overpowering in the room. Shane and Dave made all the cabinets from scratch, and you can tell. They are sturdy and beautiful. I also love our decision to use glass on the other cabinets. I think it helps make the room feel a little bigger. My other favorite design touch are the shelves, which now host a variety of little color coordinated knick knacks. I am so my mother.

Our dining room isn’t quite done yet. My favorite element of the room right now is the new pendant ball light. I still have a lot of pretty breakables in our garage that need a place to be displayed. We hope to get shelves up on the walls for our wine glasses and china. I think a rug would be nice underneath the table, too. But don’t our floors look amazing? I mean, I did love the red carpet… {sarcasm}

Just last weekend, Jonathan and Matt hung a few chalkboards I had picked up at a garage sale and re-painted. Since our fridge isn’t magnetized, the chalkboards will act as a place to display invitations and other fun things we receive in the mail. Right now, the boards are covered in baby pictures. ‘Tis the season, right?

We have done some entertaining in the last few months but hope to do a lot more this year. With baby keeping us at the house more often, we plan to put our kitchen to good use- wine, friendship, food, games. You’re invited!

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