Uncle Duty

by Lesley on June 2, 2011 · 1 comment

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Somehow, someway, we pulled a fast one on Jonathan’s brother. Uncle Matt arrived on Friday night from Santa Barbara to help Jonathan tackle the nursery.

Guess who is the happiest wife on the planet right now?

The guys worked allllll weekend. They moved out boxes, scrubbed the walls, painted them a cheery yellow, and then installed baseboards (!!)

I sorta helped.

Ok, I didn’t help at all. I started my own nesting process by organizing the office, unpacking more boxes and cleaning. This process will likely repeat itself for the next 8 weeks, becoming more and more neurotic as the days pass.

I didn’t work as hard but I might have been twice as exhausted.

I also squeezed in a Sunday trip to San Francisco to hang out with Allison and my parents, who were visiting. I treated myself to an ice cream sandwich at Bi-Rite, book shopping at the thrift store, and quality time with the people I love. It was a gorgeous day in the city. I came home really tired but it was totally worth it.

We sent Matt back to Santa Barbara with sore arms, a somewhat full stomach (love Ettore’s!) and hopefully a sense of satisfaction at a job well done. His baby niece is quite pleased with his work, and so am I.

(You didn’t think I’d post after pictures yet, did you? Nah. I’m creating suspense until July when everything is done. If I have to wait on a baby, you all have to wait on nursery pictures. So there!)

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Katie B
Katie B

oh lesley....Maybe you can sneak a picture for me!