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by Lesley on May 17, 2011 · 0 comments

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I’m finally catching up on a few of the fun activities that stole my attention during April.

I keep meaning to post about Sharon’s baby shower and Lori’s wedding. Both events were filled with lots of love, giggling, and special touches.  I think pictures will do them more justice than words.

Sharon is having a baby girl any day. It is our not-so-secret plan to force our daughters to become friends. It shouldn’t be too difficult, we hope.

The setting for Sharon’s shower—Kara’s lovely house in East Sacramento. Among other yummies, we served mini apple and strawberry pies in Mason jars. (They were a lot of work—but totally worth it! I roped my sister-in-law, Sarah, to help me. Erica B made the cute tags.) You’ll have to head over to Erica’s blog for pictures of the day, and a few cute shots of Sam and Sharon.

And then, a week later, Lori’s wedding!

Can I first just say—I love Lori’s new husband. Dan is the perfect catch. He’s funny, kind, and creative. He gets Lori in a way that no one else could. (Of course, I think that could be said for most husbands. They are saints to put up with some of our shenanigans, right?) Here’s a picture of the newlyweds during the pre-reception party sing-a-long.

Lori wanted to elope. Dan wanted a wedding with 1,000 guests. They compromised. The result was a wedding that completely reflected their love for each other, for nature, for fun, for food, for friendship.

My favorite touches? All of us girls got to pick our own dresses and colored shoes! (Lori also made cute, colored felt flowers for us to wear). The wedding day didn’t feel rushed or formal—it just flowed easily and comfortably.  Guests didn’t feel like guests; everyone was part of the love and festivities. There were amazing pies for dessert, a barn dance, and a hilarious photo booth.

With baby on the way, this will be a quiet summer in terms of weddings. Next up? Zach and Dana’s Seattle wedding and Sarah B’s Orange County wedding this September. I think baby girl might need a party dress or two!

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