How I feel about the death of a bad man

by Lesley on May 3, 2011 · 1 comment

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Matt told us about Osama bin Laden’s death. We’d just gotten back from a spontaneous date night to Louie’s Chinese Restaurant where we’d talked about the baby room and eaten a lot of pork eggplant.

I immediately flipped on the TV just as reporters were speculating about Obama’s upcoming announcement. Could it be true? Could Osama really be dead? And, how did I feel about it?

I didn’t feel much on Sunday night. I soaked in the news, amazed 10 years have almost passed since that sad day in September. But the next morning, when I watched clips of crowds across the nation celebrating, I felt so confused. I had to work hard at holding back tears.

It seems like a lot of people feel similarly to me. Bible verses and quotes sprung up on Facebook in a matter of hours; all expressing different opinions about how we as people, and as Christians, should respond to OBL’s death. In some cases, the conversation began to get divisive.

Here’s what I posted to a friend’s wall, in response to his frustration over people using scripture and quotes to express their opinions about vengeance and justice:

“I have held back from posting quotes and scripture today, although I have almost done so several times. I wanted something to help me express my emotions over this death. My emotions are complex- a combination of relief, pride, and deep sadness. I am not sad OBL is dead, but I’m not happy either. I don’t understand the celebrations because they seem to imply that we “won.” We didn’t win. We lost a lot of lives. I am thankful for a Redeemer, and thankful that He is who wins. That being said, I don’t judge those who are celebrating. We all process and express our emotions differently. To each his own.”

I’m curious what others have felt in the last 48 hours. Pride? Confusion? Sadness? Anger? Relief?

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Lesley, I sent these words to the OC Register the other day... The world is thankfully short, one evil monster. Usama Bin Laden has been sent to meet his Allah, thanks to the persistence and resolve of this great country and the brave Navy Seals who helped arrange the meeting. I don’t feel like cheering in the streets like the people that celebrated in front of the White House Sunday night. I can’t get excited about celebrating blood for blood. I can however, get excited about justice being served. Good riddance to a monster!