An average extraordinary weekend

by Lesley on April 17, 2011 · 4 comments

in remodeling/home projects

This past weekend was one of those normal, average, stay-at-home to mow the lawn sort of weekends…. and it was amazing.

We’ve had lots of visitors and trips over the last few months. While they’ve been very fun and memorable weekends, Jonathan and I were both craving time in our new home to sleep-in, make waffles, work on projects, and lay on the couch watching Modern Family. Plus, I have been neglecting this little blog which always makes me sad.

On Friday night I came home to find Real Simple poking out of my mailbox. I made a bowl of guacamole and a grapefruit/orange juice “mocktail” before plopping down on the front porch with the mosquitoes. It was warm and relaxing… the perfect way to start a weekend. Jonathan got off work late so he swung by Chando’s Tacos and picked us up dinner. Who wants to cook on a Friday night, anyway?

On Saturday we tackled more house projects. Our list, at this point, will last us approximately two years worth of weekends. While I’d consider many of the projects “high priority,” our checkbook does not. That being said, the front yard was screaming for some attention. Back in early March, Jonathan and his dad removed a huge Camelia tree that blocked our front windows. It was a lovely tree but it made our entire house dark. It had to go. The empty planter was a gaping eyesore that really needs a lot more TLC and money than we could afford to give it right now. So as a temporary solution we planted flowers and covered the dying stumps with potted plants. I hope that by the time the flowers die in August or September we can tear out the concrete, rip up the stumps and roots, and find a more permanent solution for the area.

After a full day of errands, weeding, grocery shopping and cleaning the house, I WAS POOPED. This body thinks it can go forever and ever, because usually it does. Lately though it’s slowin’ down. It’s hard to bend over because there’s this big organ in the way that makes me feel like an old lady. When I woke up this morning to very sore back and legs, I decided it was time to take things easy. After church I helped Jonathan finish the planting, although he did most of the work and I did most of the whining. I baked a box of Trader Joes’s muffins using my new mini muffin tins (seriously, this post is reallllyyyy sounding so domestic), and I took a solid 30 minute nap before waking up with a backache and determining it done. Oh, and of course, I blogged. Finally!

And that concludes this normal post, about an average weekend that was extraordinarily wonderful. I promise, house pictures coming soon… right now I need to go hit Jonathan up for a back rub.

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