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in highs/lows

  • Annoying: a clogged drain.
  • More Annoying: a clogged drain in my new kitchen which backed up dirty sink water into my laundry sink, which meant we couldn’t do laundry or dishes.
  • Redeeming: Walking to a sushi place near our house, on one of the nicest spring nights I can ever remember, because we couldn’t use our kitchen.
  • Annoying: walking to lunch in the pouring rain while not wearing the proper shoes.
  • More annoying: forgetting your cell phone at the restaurant, realizing as soon as you’ve dried off, and having to go back out in the storm to retrieve it.
  • Redeeming: finding your cell phone, and then getting 80 degree weather this past week!

  • Annoying: my pants not fitting very well
  • More annoying: not taking proper measures to get pants to fit right, thus exposing my underwear to multiple people in the office
  • Redeeming: baby girl is growing and moving! It’s still highly entertaining, fascinating and fun. I’ll let you know when she starts kicking me in the ribs.
  • Annoying: trying to make cheddar puffs for Sharon’s shower, and somehow ruining most of them.
  • Redeeming: taking the cheddar puffs to work for a potluck instead.
  • Redeeming x two: buying frozen appetizers at Trader Joe’s that were AMAZING.
  • Annoying: the NCAA tournament.
  • More annoying: A certain person who decided to Express Mail his check for for this year’s pool, which required that I drive to the post office to pick it up.
  • Most annoying: Finding out the real reason checks are arriving from all over the United States. Last year, Jonathan got a call from PayPal asking if he was running a March Madness pool. They informed him that gambling was not condoned on the site.** Oops. Checks it is.
  • Redeeming: Jonathan keeps great relationships with many of his college friends all because of basketball. Awwwww- cue the Full House music.

Lesson learned: there is plenty I can whine about, if I want to. There is also plenty to be happy about. What are you happy about today?

**In true attorney form, Jonathan e-mailed me his “defense” for the NCAA pool: Colorado law has a “social gambling’ exception, which allows “gambling” that is incidental to a bona fide social relationship and is participated in by natural persons. A “bona fide social relationship” means that the parties must have an established social relationship based upon some other common interest other than the gambling activity. Not sure why this is relevant since we don’t live in Colorado, but whatever.

picture credit to koinis

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