Dear Hackers

by Lesley on February 24, 2011 · 4 comments

in lettertoastranger

Dear Hackers,

I don’t know who you are, but you’re very mean. In the last year, you’ve hacked my blog four separate times. When people come to visit me, expecting sunshine and good stories, they are upset to find creepy music and a black screen. Most of the times I’ve been able to restore my blog back to normal but this time I wasn’t able to. I lost my last post about my trip to San Diego to visit the USS Makin Island. I was really proud of that post, and excited to write more. Now I just feel a little bit defeated.  I wish I had the time tonight to re-write but there are all sorts of other things to do like make Booyah cake for tomorrow’s potluck, and enjoy time with Jonathan (and Sam and Sharon). So, hackers, I am not happy with you at all right now. But, be warned, my sweet husband spent a lot of time helping me fix the back-end of my blog so this won’t happen again. Nope. Go find someone else to mess with.



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