The {little} secret

by Lesley on January 24, 2011 · 24 comments

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There’s something I didn’t mention in my last post about friendship. Those pregnant girls I referred to? Well, I’m one of them.

I’ve been holding our little secret safe from the web since November. A part of me wanted to tell the whole world immediately because it seemed like too big of news to hold in. But, another part of me wanted to protect this little secret as long as possible…to hold it sacred between just Jonathan and I. With this secret came a lot of happiness, some fear, some sadness. There were days in the beginning when I didn’t recognize my own emotions, and I found comfort in not yet having to answer how I felt about such a huge change in our lives. We sat  in the quiet moment and soaked in the miracle of it all. I processed long and hard. I worried lots. I googled signs and symptoms, and searched for excuses as to why I wasn’t drinking alcohol. December was a long month full of transition and, inevitably, a lot of eating.

And now we are almost done with January. Last week my still-skinny-tummy got covered in goo just like I’ve seen so many times in the movies. We watched the little one dance around on a screen, proving this change is most certainly happening. It’s beginning to feel real now even though I look the same physically. The months will fly by until late July arrives and we bring home baby to a place with freshly painted walls, new ceiling fans, and a kitchen ready for visiting guests who want to cook, hold and cuddle.

Until then, I’m pretty sure we have just about every weekend booked with trips, unpacking, visitors, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and church retreats. I plan to soak up this busy season and write all about it. Thanks for being part of our next big thing.

p.s. I took the above picture with my iPhone after opening a very appropriate fortune cookie just a few days after we found out about baby. Funny, right?

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